Post-match details/match sheets

Scorers, appearances and other 'post-match details' can be added either by Competition Administrators or, if they delegate this, by 'Post-match details Editors' within clubs

Part of

The range of post-match information that can be recorded includes:

- Scorers
- Appearances
- Match reports
- Photos
- Most valued player
- Cards issued
- Player details including; shirt number, position, reserves, captain
- Match and team officials including; manager, coach and referee / umpire 

Competition Administrators automatically have access to this feature, with a range of settings to decide whether they, or clubs, control scorers, appearances, substitutes, cards, and the rating of officials.

(For ice hockey we have developed a system of online match sheets which is only available to that sport; online match sheets for other sports are planned)


This is an integral, free feature

Starting point

If you are a club member wanting to add 'post-match details', contact your Club Administrator, who can grant you access. Competition Administrators have access at all times.