Club EPayments

Give your members an online payment option. No cost to your club.

Part of

You need to be a Club Administrator, and your club needs to have a PayPal account.

How does cash end up in my club's bank account?

When the member makes a payment via PayPal, their payment is split between FixturesLive and your club. Both will appear on the member's banking records. The club part is paid into your club's PayPal account. The club needs to transfer the balance to its bank account, but this is easily done.

Reducing members' Paypal fees by achieving Not For Profit (NFP) status with PayPal

PayPal fees (at the time of writing) will add £3.60 to a £100 invoice. If a club can achieve NFP status, this can be reduced to £1.60. How to achieve this is described here.


None - not even if all members pay by offline means. Online payments by members are subject to PayPal charges; we make a charge of just 0.75% per transaction plus 20p.

Starting point

Go into the Club Administrator area, then click on EPayments, and go from there...