How do I control access to the EPayments area?

It is for clubs to decide internally who can have access to this area. The idea is that ALL Club administrators can see the key information of who owes what; EPayments administrators manage the sending of invoices and recording notes etc..

EPayments administrators have to be existing Club administrators to start with.

You can access the EPayments area by going into the Club Admin area and clicking on EPayments from the main menu.

1 If there are no existing EPayments administrators, you'll be able to sign your club up, and by doing so, you'll grant yourself access to the feature.

2 If you are an existing EPayments administrator, you can add and remove others. You can only add people who are existing Club Administrators.

3 If you are an existing Club Administrator, but NOT an existing EPayments administrator, you should ask an existing EPayments administrator to add you. If you have lost contact with all of them, you would have to remove all the Club Administrators who have EPayments access first (which will remove their EPayments access at the same time), then start from point 1.

FixturesLive are not involved in managing access, so clubs can manage access without delays. An audit trail is held of who had access at any time.
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