How do I prepare for teams texting in their results (Competition Administrator)?

(This only applies if your competitions have the SMS results entry feature enabled)

Texts will only be accepted by our automated system from the captain/manager of a team, so there is some setup required, mainly by clubs, and, of course, there are changes from season to season. 

You need to:

1 advise your clubs how to ensure captains/managers are set up correctly
2 advise your clubs how captains/managers actually text in
3 be able to check whether they've done this, and edit/review your settings

1 you should send your clubs the 'see also' articles below, covering how to become a a Club Administrator (who are the only people who can manage captains/managers), and what they need to do to appoint captains/managers

2 you should send your clubs the 'see also' article which gives captain/managers the instructions for texting in

3 you should review your settings in the Competition Administrator area:

- log in and click your way to the relevant competition
- you'll see the 'SMS' tab - click on that
- this shows you whether clubs have set captains/managers up or not, so that you can chase them if needed
- you can also edit the 'chase time' and 'deadline time' - it's up to you as a league whether failure to text in by the deadline means anything; incoming messages are only processed up to midnight on the match day
- you can also view the audit trail of successful messages received
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