What is a 'Multi-Club Organisation' (MCO)?

It is a group of clubs.

Some organisations - typically universities, colleges and schools - have more than one club within them - each of which may be affiliated to a separate sporting governing body, each club having exactly the same set-up as other clubs on our system.

So, on our system, a single sports governing body can see all its affiliated clubs, while at the same time, a university, college or school can manage its different internal 'clubs'.

So, for example, at the University of Testshire:

- we would have one Multi-club organisation, called the University of Testshire, and, linked to it...

- a football club called the University of Testshire
- a hockey club called the University of Testshire
- a rugby club called the University of Testshire
- other non-sporting clubs, like the debating society or dance society
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