How do I text in a result, as a captain?

You send a message to our automated SMS results entry system on:

07800 009 669, like this:

3 1 1234 (note the spaces)

- 3 is the home team's score
- 1 is the away team's score
- 1234 is your PIN (it's 1234 unless you've logged in to change it)

You will receive a response within a few seconds, either confirming the result entered, or advising you if the message is not valid. Your message will be charged at your standard text rate.

Also note:

- this only works if your league has signed up for the service (there is a charge)
- you must be assigned as the captain/manager of your team; this can be done by your Club administrator(s)
- only one person can be assigned as the captain/manager of a team
- you can only text in on the day of the match (up to midnight) - if you text incorrectly, you can text again to overwrite   
- you can't text postponements, results of friendly matches or other messages - these will be rejected, as the system is automated
- texting does not work for cup competitions that include auto-progression to the next round
- you cannot text results in for multiple teams