About us

Created in 2001, FixturesLive is an online platform for the management of sports leagues and clubs, also providing powerful data tools for governing bodies and sporting organisations.

We provide a suite of admin 'modules' for managing league, club and governing body data - many are freely available to anyone - while others are secure, custom areas for organisations to manage their affairs, including communication and payments.

We integrate data between organisations and users: leagues and their clubs/teams; clubs and their members and so on. Please look at our Features to see the range of what we offer.

We work with a large number of organisations. They include:

 Governing body of hockey in England
 National network of 5-a-side football centres
 The lead organisation for college sport and physical activity

 Governing body of ice hockey in England

 Governing body of korfball in England

 Europe's largest youth sports festival

 Governing body of Shinty
 Governing body of hockey in Scotland
 Governing body of hockey in Wales
 Governing body of hockey in Ulster