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The range of feeds can be viewed here

These feeds allow developers to use FixturesLive data to design and lay out their web sites and apps as they wish. 

To access the feeds you need a Data Key, which is available by subscription.

There are a few conditions:

- the feeds must be used for the purposes of the club/league/organisation itself. The nature of our data is that it includes content from other organisations, so that users can click from team to league and so on, and that's fine.  But, for example, we do not normally permit a club to use the feeds to create content in its site for a league it has no teams playing in
- all screens displaying the data must display the FixturesLive 'powered by' logo, with a link to www.fixtureslive.com. The placement of this is subject to mutual agreement.
- the feeds must be accessed in a way that does not place an undue load on our servers. The feeds are not cached - they are live, and every data call is logged according to its data key/source. We expect that most club and league web sites/apps  will have their own cacheing regimes; we do not expect data to be called other than by normal user behaviour. Calling large amounts of data frequently by automatic polling is not permitted. 


We charge from 120 GBP + VAT per annum for clubs for a Data Key (depending on size) for a core set of feeds. We charge from 150 GBP + VAT for leagues, depending on size. Contact us for more information. Commercial organisations - contact us.

Starting point

Send us an email to info@fixtureslive.com.