Result entry shared with teams/clubs (+ email chasing)

Enable teams/clubs to enter results - updating league tables and results automatically, and saving a huge layer of work

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Competition Administrators can share results entry with teams/clubs, while retaining control.

Once team captains have been set up, they are able to enter results via the Club Member area.

Most leagues make the home team responsible for entering results. Our system allows either captain, and Club Administrators from either club to enter a result, on the principle that if we have the correct result, let's get it entered asap.

Our system records who entered a result, and when, which Competition Administrators can easily see.

How teams are chased for results on a match day

Both captains are emailed, if the result hasn't been submitted:

- 2 hours after the start time of the match, or
- if no start time was entered, at the 'chase time' set by the Competition Administrator (defaults to 18:45)

How Competition Administrators get updates

You will receive emails:

- whenever all results are in for a match day - so that you know that your work is complete
- 30 minutes after the chase time, if there are still results awaited, listing the matches and the contact details of the relevant captains


GBP 40 + VAT per league division per season; GBP 20 + VAT for unlimited cup competitions per season per league

Starting point

This can be switched on when creating new competitions in the Competition Administration area.