Web site plug-in (embedded content)

Allows you to embed FixturesLive content into virtually any web site with just a few lines of code

This content is exactly the same as you see on the FixturesLive site, and you can choose which of our screens to plug in to whichever pages you have. This means you can display your first team's fixtures and results, from FixturesLive, on your first team page, and so on.

There are 2 ways of going about this:

- to obtain a registered version, which allows you to control the font colour, type, size, and more, log in (register if needed), and, on the 'My accounts' screen, click on  the 'Sign me up for...' image at the bottom of the screen, then click on the 'API Subscriber' image, and follow the instructions

- to obtain an unregistered version - which doesn't allow you to control the font styles - hover over the icon at the foot of the FixturesLive page you want to plug in to your site. This will give you the code you need.

Our plug-in is compatible with any web site, providing you control the code. There are a few web site systems (e.g. Google Sites) which do not allow plug-ins like ours.


The standard version of the web plugin is free, but carries advertising; this can be removed, for clubs, for GBP 100-150 + VAT per annum, depending on size. Leagues and other organisations need to contact us for pricing.

Starting point

See above.