Competition Administrator

Create and manage leagues and cups

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There are options for the simplest of leagues, but also advanced options too.


...can be either leagues or cups. Each competition has a wide range of settings allowing you to decide whether clubs or the league manage the entry of results, times and venues of matches, scorers and other 'post-match details'.

Fixtures can be auto-generated, entered manually or even uploaded from a spreadsheet. 

Competitions can be deleted and archived, and even copied from one season to the next, to save time setting up a new season's competition.

League competitions

- can have any points regime (well, nearly any - we have a standard range to choose from, and we have many advanced regimes covering things like the automatic award of bonus points)
- tables can be ordered by any combination of information (we're well aware that not all league tables are ordered by Points, then Goal Difference, then Goals For)
- can have walkovers and points adjustments - easily applied
- 'invisible points' are available, to manually alter league tables if needed (if teams are tied on all other data)
- league tables can be displayed with different columns, named differently- for racket sports, we have a 'two-tier' system which caters for set scores

Cup competitions

...are of two types:

- 'flexible' - which means that you can have as many rounds as you want, and as many fixtures per round as you want
- 'fixed' (think of the FA Cup or Wimbledon tennis), which has a clear set of rounds, with byes in the first round if needed, and, for each round, teams can be drawn, or can be set to auto-progress. 


It's free to non-commercial organisations. Commercial organisations please contact us.

Starting point

You need to register, then log in and go to the 'Sign me up' area, and select Competition Administrator. Your league will be online within a few minutes.