How do I add or change someone's photo?

Photos can be added for any user; they are required by some leagues for registration purposes. These are only displayed on public pages (e.g. scorer pages) where the person's date of birth has been provided, and they are over 18.

Because photos are often used for league registration purposes, and therefore must be of a consistent standard, all photos are subject to our approval, which we normally turn round within 24 hours (usually a lot quicker). 

Consequently, all photos must:
- be of the person themselves
- be colour
- show the whole face
- have the face filling most of the image
- be clear (not damaged, blurred, too dark etc.)
- not have sunglasses, hats, or comedy poses (sorry!)

Our system accepts jpg files only, and allows you to crop and resize your photo online, so you don't have to spend time on your own PC preparing the photo in advance. 

Club administrators are able to upload a photo at any time; individuals can only upload a new photo every six months.

Club administrators can access this feature by going into the Club administrator area, then clicking on Members, then clicking on a member's name. On the upper right of the member's screen, click on the link 'upload a photo'.

Users can access this feature by logging in, then clicking on 'My details' which appears at the top of every screen. Click on the upload icon.