How do I become a Multi-club Organisation Administrator?

Multi-club Organisations (MCOs) will normally have existing administrators; additional administrators can be added, but there are security issues, as having MCO administrator status gives you access to the personal details of all members of all the clubs in the MCO. 

You can find the existing administrators by searching for your organisation on our system, then looking at the Contacts screen. The page in question shouldn't be confused with the similar page for clubs, so the page you are looking for is the same as this example. The Main contacts listed are the current MCO administrators.

MCO administrators can add and remove other administrators, by going to the 'Who has access' screen within the MCO admin area. This requires the UserID of the person you want to add, so they must be already registered on the system.

If you are unable to contact the existing MCO administrators (perhaps because they have left the organisation), contact us at, explaining the situation.
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