Why doesn't my web plugin load?

If you are having problems getting the web plugin to load, check the following:

1 Have you added the code to the code part of your page?

You need to have access to the html code of your page. Some blog sites and content management systems may not allow you to add code. If this is the case, you can ask whoever provided the system if this can be overcome. If not, we're sorry, because the API can't be added in any other way.

2 Have you added all of the code?

Your code should look like this:

Please make sure that the code is on separate lines, as shown above.

If you have registered for key, enter it like fPassKey = '5678';

3 If you registered the plugin, does your domain match the one you registered for?

If you have registered your plugin, it can only be used on a single web domain. If your domain is, then the domain you register the plugin against must also be, or you will see an 'invalid API key' message. You can edit the domain by logging into FixturesLive and going to the Web plugin subscriber area.