What's the difference between a 'membership transfer' and a 'league/player registration transfer'?

A membership transfer moves someone's club membership from club A to club B.

This is particularly useful where someone has scorer/appearance data, photos etc. under one UserID, and then moves clubs. By carrying out a membership transfer, we prevent Users being added again at Club B, when they already exist as a member of Club A - this would create a duplicate User on the system, and can create real problems keeping data and log in details in order.

A membership transfer can be initiated by: 

- Club A (the 'old' club) by using the 'no longer a member' or 'suggest membership is copied to another club' feature.  Club B (the 'new' club) has to approve the new membership - a Club Administrator must log in to do this. However, this only transfers the User's club membership, because league registrations require league approval, and can't just be agreed between clubs. Or,

- the member can log in and, using the sign me up feature, propose themselves as a member of Club B.

league/player registration transfer moves both someone's membership AND their league registration from Club A to Club B, which requires the approval of clubs and the league.

And, of course, many clubs on our system aren't involved in any form of league/player registration at all, so allowing them to manage the movement of members between clubs makes sense.