How do I add bonus points to my league, or have an advanced way of calculating it?

FixturesLive caters for multiple calculation methods, which can cater for (pretty much) any league system.

Our standard league calculation method awards Win, Draw and Lose points from your chosen regime (3,1,0 being the most popular), and orders your league table by Points, Diff (goal difference), For (goals for), then club name.

Competition Administrators can apply points deductions/additions, or invisible points - to make further adjustments if needed.

For many leagues, this is enough, but if your league is more complex we can usually help.

We have a range of other calculation methods which can:

- award bonus points according to the scoreline (used a lot in netball e.g. a bonus point for a losing team if they score more than 50% of the winning team)
- award points according to a specific set of scorelines (used a lot in badminton e.g. 4 points for a win of 6-0 or higher; 3 points for scores between x and y, and so on)
- award 'tie' points, to take into account the results of matches between teams if tied
- change the sort order of your league table
- and more...

You can view the available options by navigating to your competition, and clicking on Calculation.
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