How do I restore an ex-member?

Club administrators can restore an ex-member to 'current' membership status, providing the person was classified an ex-member within the the last two years.

The limitation is for obvious privacy reasons - if the person has left your club, you should not continue to have access to their personal and contact details permanently thereafter, particularly if they have joined another club.

To restore an ex-member, go into the Club administrator area, then click on 'Members', and then ''Ex-members'.

If the person does not appear on your list of ex-members (and you are sure they were once a member of your club), then they were made an ex-member more than two years ago. You, as the Club administrator, cannot now retrieve them.

You need to advise the person to log in to FixturesLive, and, using the Sign Me Up feature, apply for membership. When they do, you will see an alert on your 'admin home' screen, which allows you to accept their application for membership.

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