How do I hide my date of birth?

Your date of birth is never displayed publicly, and may only seen by club, league or governing body administrators in very limited circumstances.

If you are a Club Administrator, you are required to provide your date of birth when logging in, however it is only visible to other Club Administrators in your own club, not club members generally, and never publicly.

We appreciate that some administrators may not want their date of birth known to other club administrators, but this is a sports web site and date of birth is relevant for a wide range of administration purposes, so we do not allow it to be 'hidden' once entered.

If you are a player registered to a league, your date of birth will be visible to the Registration Administrator(s) for the league(s) you register for - age being a significant issue for youth and veterans leagues. Again, this is never public.

If, having read this, you still want your date of birth removed from the system, we will of course do so, but you will not be able to log in again without re-entering it.

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