How do I add FixturesLive content into to an existing Page?

This is for people with a WordPress web site using one of our WordPress plugins

It's important to understand that our plugin will have already installed a set of 'core' Pages that make sure that, when people click on something, your site shows the team, league table, or whatever.

You can also create your own Pages (e.g. 1st team, 2nd team) so you can edit the Page yourself with images and text - this is a standard WordPress feature. If you also want to add FixturesLive content to that Page e.g. that team's fixtures, you'll need to use a 'shortcode'.

Shortcodes are a bit like Widgets. But where Widgets can only be added to certain parts of your site (as limited by your Theme), shortcodes can be added more widely. The downside of shortcodes is that you have to make sure you type them in correctly.

Shortcodes for both club and league plugins

[list_fixtures_for_team id="1234"] - lists a team's current fixtures; id = TeamID
[fixtureslive_league fixtureslive_id="56789"] - lists a league table; fixtureslive_id = DivisionID
[fixtureslive_cup fixtureslive_id="56789"] - displays a cup competition; fixtureslive_id = DivisionID
[fixtureslive_comp_fixtures fixtureslive_id="56789"] - lists the fixtures for a competition; fixtureslive_id = DivisionID
[fixtureslive_comp_results fixtureslive_id="56789"] - lists the results for a competition; fixtureslive_id = DivisionID

Shortcodes for the club plugin only

[list_club_teams] - active teams in the club[list_contacts] - the club's published contacts
[list_whats_on] - the club's fixtures, +/- 8 days
[list_current_competitions] - competitions the club is currently entered into
[list_archived_competitions][getvenuedirection] - a list of the venues for the club [club_match_reports] - all club match reports, most recent first
[club_match_reports days="30"] - all club match reports, for the last 30 days
[club_match_reports team_id="1234"] - all match reports for a specific team
[club_match_reports team_id="1234" days="90"] - all match reports for a specific team, for the last 90 days

Shortcodes for the league plugin only

[list_league_divisions] - lists current competitions
[league_archives] - lists archived competitions 
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