Getting started - administrators (Easy Theme)

This article is for clubs/leagues that have a FixturesLive web site, and are using the 'Easy' Theme.

This helps you understand important things about your web site, and points you to the basics...

Your site is hosted/controlled by FixturesLive, but the core of your site is based on the world’s most popular web site system: WordPress. This means that upgrades to the core of your site, including security fixes, are applied automatically by WordPress.

Most of the features you'll see use WordPress's tried and trusted way of working. For example, you can easily add images/docs to the Media Library - this is a WordPress thing, not a FixturesLive thing.

A few of the features you'll use are controlled by FixturesLive. We can also add WordPress plugins for you if you want - if they are reliable and suitable - to make your site more capable.

The management of FixturesLive data (fixtures, results, clubs, teams and so on) will continue to be managed by logging in to FixturesLive. Your WordPress site has a live connection to FixturesLive data, so that your site updates itself when data in FixturesLive is changed.

The combination of WordPress + FixturesLive gives the best possible balance between simple and advanced web sites, and is as future-proof as possible.

Main features you need to get to grips with:

- Media library: this is where you manage/add all your images/documents
- Appearance/Customise:  this is where you change your site's logo, colours and font (if you have a good supply of images, try the Slider option in home page settings to give your news items more impact)
- News: add/manage news items
- Events: add upcoming events, including recurring ones. Past events disappear automatically.
- Pages: add pages, and edit their content (remember to add new pages to your menu)
- Menus (Appearance/menus): organise your menu, dragging and dropping to re-order and create sub-menu items