How do I 'split' a league division?

This scenario is where you want to have a single league table displayed throughout an entire season, but have all teams play each other in the first half of a season, then divide your table into into top and bottom halves. In the second half of your season, teams in each half would play each other, but, no matter what the results, teams in your top half cannot be overtaken by teams in the lower half. 

The way to do this is to apply 'invisible points' when you reach the break in your season. If you add a high number of invisible points to all the teams in the top half of your league, those teams will always appear above the teams in the lower half.

We strongly recommend that you add a solid dividing line to indicate the divide between the top and bottom halves, and some notes, otherwise people might be confused.

To apply 'invisible points', go into the Competition Admin area, navigate to your competition, then click on the Calculation tab, then the points adjustments link.
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