How do I manage the layout of my site?

This covers the layout of your site, not its design.

There are two major things you need to understand: Pages, and Widgets...


Because your site comes pre-configured for news, events and fixtures content, you will only need to add new Pages for other purposes. You can add pretty much any content to a Page, though this is normally only about text + very few images. To do this:

- Go to Pages/Add new
- add your content (beware of adding oversized images - remember your site is mobile-friendly)
- once you are happy with your new page, you'll probably want to add it to the menu...
- Go to Appearance/menus, and add the new page. Don't forget to save the menu when you're done.


These contain more complex things than just text + images.

To manage these, go to Appearance/Widgets.

On the left hand side of the screen, you will see the available widgets. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see the locations where widgets can appear. These represent locations in your site - some are just for your home page, some are for all pages.

You will see that some widgets have already been added to some locations.

To change what widgets appear where, you can drag and drop widgets from the left hand side of the screen to the right. In many cases, you can configure a widget's size, or what data it displays.

Important: FixturesLive's widgets are clearly indicated; many of the other widgets visible are WordPress-related, and aren't suitable for your site, so use with caution.