How do I back up my site?

Perhaps the greatest fear of webmasters is that their images and documents will be permanently lost if their site crashes or becomes unavailable, for whatever reason. For clubs and leagues, these items can be literally invaluable.

While FixturesLive sites are backed up regularly, you are still reliant on us to restore things for you should things go wrong. So, to give you peace of mind, we can export all your files automatically to a location of your choice, on a daily and/or weekly cycle.

There is no charge for this, and it's pretty easy to set up.

You need to sign up for a 'cloud' storage service, where we will send your files. We currently recommend DropBox or Google Drive (let us know if you'd like to use another service and we'll see if it's compatible). These cloud services provide different amounts of free storage, but the initial amount will cater for the vast majority of clubs and leagues.

Once you have set up your cloud storage, let us know and we'll set up the automation for you. We will set a maximum number of backups for you, so, if you choose to back up weekly, and set the maximum number of backups to 52, you will always have the last 52 weekly backups - this may be important to avoid having to pay for cloud storage.

When the storage service is live, your files will simply fly across the web overnight to your cloud storage, with no further action from you or us.

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