Adding sponsor names to clubs and teams

In our system, club and team names are stored once only, for all purposes. So, if your club name is "Sometown", and you have 3 teams, named "1st team", "2nd team" and "3rd team", our system combines the stored values of [club] and [team] to display, on a page listing your teams:

- 1st team
- 2nd team
- 3rd team

...and on a page listing a team's fixtures:

Sometown 1st team v Anytown 6th team

...all of the above being displayed from the stored values of [club] and [team]

We are happy to change club and team names on request from club administrators, though for high profile clubs we will usually consult with the governing body and/or relevant leagues, to ensure everyone is clear.

When requesting name changes to accommodate sponsor names, please consider what needs to be changed, and how [club] and [team] will appear on different pages. Please note:

- changing club and team names will also affect all past data - it it not possible to have different names for the same club or team at different times, nor in different competitions
- if there is no way to implement your changes using existing club and team names, then the only other option is to create completely new clubs or teams - but, again, these would not have any relation to old data and may have other undesirable effects.

Contact us on if you have any requests to make.

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