How do I set my league site up for a new season?

This relates to WordPress web sites using the FixturesLive WordPress league plugin - not to be confused with our standard web plugin

Your site will already have Pages like "Premier Division", "Division 1" and so on. These will have been created when your site was set up. It's important that these pages remain where they are, so that the web link - like - doesn't change from season to season.

As you may know, the unique ID for a competition in FixturesLive changes from season to season - this is called the DivisionID. 

To update your site, we've made it easy for you to manage the changeover from the 'old' season to the new one.

Once your competitions are set up for the new season i.e. have fixtures and are marked as 'current', you are ready to make the changeover.

Log in to your WordPress site, and go to FixturesLive/leagues. You'll see a list of "Premier Division", "Division 1" and so on.

Click on one of these. You'll see the current DivisionID displayed. You'll also see a "FixturesLive Competition Finder" - click on this to find the competition for your new season. Once selected, click Update. 

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