Getting started - administrators (Advanced Theme)

This article is for clubs/leagues that have a FixturesLive web site, and use our 'Advanced' Theme.

You need to have read the 'getting started' guide for the simple Theme first; this article talks you through the additional things that are possible with the Advanced Theme.

Your Advanced Theme gives you more options for styling your site - this comes with some risk - wheareas the Easy Theme protects you from disaster.


- your site is laid out as a number of 'horizontal stripes' - this is very mobile-friendly, and means that you cannot have a fixed left or right column
- each stripe is a 'flexible block/row', and can contain almost anything - images, news, events, FixturesLive content, sponsors, galleries, map etc..
- the header of your site is a 3x3 grid, into which you can add pretty much anything
- so your site can have a second menu if you wish, within the header
- there is also an editable footer area - to perhaps display a gallery of sponsors on all screens
- your site comes with a set of FixturesLive 'core pages', which display FixturesLive data and allow the user to click around - these are automatically styled and can't be edited
- if the flexibility of this advanced Theme isn't enough for you, let us know, as we can create custom Themes if needed (charges apply)
- remember that Themes are about design/layout; Plugins are about functionality - and we can add plugins for you.

Planning your site

You probably should spend some time deciding:

- whether you want two menus or not, and what these should contain (you need to keep menus brief for mobile users)
- what will be on your home page, and how it will be maintained over time: news? events? map? a featured team or league division?
- your colour scheme - there are options for both main colours and for menus, so you need to think about this

Handling widgets in flexible blocks/rows

On a page where you have a flexible blocks/rows, you'll see you can add a new 'row' to the page. Each row must use one of the types listed, and you'll see that this includes up to ten widget areas. Each of these widget areas relates to the widgets in Appearance/widgets - which is the place where you configure the widget. Here's an example, where we want to add a 'next home match' widget to a club home page:

- go to Appearance/Widgets
- you'll see, on the left hand side, the available widgets (most of which are not relevant or useful; you'll see the FixturesLive ones)
- on the right hand side, you'll see the ten available widget areas
- drag the 'FixturesLive Next Match For Team' widget to one of the widget areas
- expand the widget area, and choose your preferred options
- hit Save
- now go to your home page (in the admin area)
- click on 'Add row' (you may have to scroll down), and select the relevant widget area
- in the upper right of the screen, click 'Update' to publish your page
- view your updated web site
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