Can I add more clubs to my league map?

This article is for webmasters of FixturesLive league web sites

The map of clubs displays the location of clubs:

- which have teams entered into current FixturesLive competitions within your league
- where clubs have entered a valid postcode (to give the best indication of its location)
- and have entered some contact details via their Club Admin area (web address, email or tel. no.) so that people viewing the map can contact the club.

This means that, providing clubs enter their details, your map will remain accurate from season to season, and there is nothing you need to do (apart from, perhaps, reminding clubs they need to check their contact details). For example, clubs who are promoted/relegated from your league, or are permanently closed will disappear automatically.

So your map is not editable as such. In order to show additional clubs, they need to be entered into a current FixturesLive competition.

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