How are fixture times and venues added and managed?

Having accurate time and venue information for all fixtures is incredibly useful, so that players, officials and spectators know where and when to be.

For league competitions, the relevant Competition Administrator controls whether this data is maintained by the league itself, or is delegated to clubs. This can be changed in the Settings tab for a competition.

If clubs are allowed to control times and venues, they are able to enter/edit these via the Club Administration area; Competition Administrators are still able to make changes at any time. An audit trail of all changes is kept and is published for all to see.

In sports where it is normal for clubs to book pitches for league matches, most leagues delegate the maintenance of this data to clubs - and many leagues make it a requirement in their rules that clubs must do this, because it is so very useful to all. Competition Administrators can see if clubs are not adding this data by navigating to a competition, then clicking on the Fixtures tab, then clicking on the "missing times or venues" link.

Times and venues for friendlies are managed by clubs, also in the Club Admin area.