How do I create editable team Pages for my club web site?

This article is for those who have our WordPress Club Plugin

You can, if you wish, create individual, editable Pages for each of your teams, to contain any content you choose, plus the list of that team’s fixtures. This article explains the issues, and describes how to create editable team Pages.

A bit of background

When your plugin is first installed it does not create a separate web Page for each team in your club. If you click around your site, from team to league table to team (including opposition teams), what you see is actually an uneditable team page. The url is in the format – where 1234 is the TeamID of a team. This works nicely, so that you can click about from screen to screen, and see opposition teams as well as those in your club.

If you’re happy with that, and don’t want the extra work that goes with maintaining custom team pages, that’s fine. 

If you do want editable team pages, you need to follow these steps:

1 create a Page for each team

2 add your content to the page – a photo perhaps, training times – it’s up to you

3 on the page, add the shortcode for that team’s fixtures, in the format [list_fixtures_for_team id="1234"]

4 (you can add other shortcodes if you want, such as a league table, but be aware that the ID numbers of league tables change from season to season, whereas TeamIDs never change)

5 Once you have published your team page, you’ll want to make sure that, when people click from screen to screen, they arrive at your custom team page, instead of To do this, go to your WordPress dashboard, and, in the FixturesLive menu, go to Team redirects. There you can create the redirections necessary to make this work.
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