Customer credit agency says my details appear in multiple web sites

If your contact details privacy settings are set to "display on public pages, if a captain or an official", they will appear not only on, but also on all other web sites that take live data from us.

Your settings are managed by logging in, then going to My Details. If you want to hide your details, you can - this will remove them from all sites.

We are aware that customer credit agencies provide reports to subscribers as to the visibility of their personal details on the web. One company (Experian) is 'finding' a person's contact details on multiple FixturesLive web sites, including sites irrelevant to that person's sport e.g. a hockey captain's contact details are 'found' on a badminton league web site the other side of the country.

This causes understandable confusion, so we're happy to explain what is happening. Let's stick to our example of a badminton league and a hockey team.

Given that the badminton league does not list hockey teams, the only way Experian can be finding these details is by an robotic 'crawler' process, whereby it finds a badminton team page in the badminton web site (for, say TeamID = 1234), and then reloads the same page, but with a different TeamID value. It repeats this umpteen times automatically. So, if the hockey captain's TeamID is 56789, Experian will eventually load the hockey team page within the badminton league site. It's worth emphasising that no human, on the badminton web site, would ever be able to load the hockey team by clicking on links within the site.

If you're wondering 'why can the badminton league web site ever show a hockey team?' it's because the underlying data feed from FixturesLive is not limited in this way - we have web sites that contain data from multiple sports.

So, in our opinion, The Experian reporting is misleading, because, while yes it is possible to view a hockey team in a badminton web site, this really only happens if a robot is used. And, of course, the main issue is that you control the visibility of your data anyway.
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