How do I add scorers and other post match details?

You first need to be a club member. The Post match details editor (PMD) role can be added/removed by Club Administrators, but can also be added by club members after adding match results.

The PMD editor role allows you to add post match information for your club's teams such as; scorers, reports, photos, squad lists, any substitutions that were made, disciplinary cards, ratings (for facilities, hospitality and officials) and details of any match/team officials in attendance. Some of these categories may be controlled by the league in question, so may not be available.

Once this information has been added it can be viewed publicly - you can see whether post match details exist by looking at a team page - a red arrow appears if anything has been entered by either team.

Once you have got hold of your PMD editor account, log in and go into the PMD editor area for your club. You are presented with a list of past matches. This list only contains matches with results, for obvious reasons.

Click on a team to take 'control' of the PMD for this fixture - you have 30 days in which to finish editing, after which access is permanently locked to prevent the 're-writing of history'.

Your league controls whether clubs are able to enter post-match details. If you can't enter something, and think you ought to be able to, please contact your league, as they are able change their settings to allow this.

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