How do I change the name of a team?

Club administrators and Competition administrators aren't able to change the name of a team (though Club administrators can rename a team within 30 days of its creation).

The reason for this is that we need to check to make sure that other data on the system is safeguarded. If the team has taken part in past league competitions, we need to consider how best to proceed, in order to preserve past competition data. 

We will change Anytown 3rd team to Anytown 3s if you request it, as this would be an obvious minor change. But we won't change Anytown 3rd team to Anytown Vikings if the team has past fixtures, unless the club and all leagues the team has played in are happy. Clearly this can get messy, and sometimes it may be simpler to create new teams on the system, and archive existing ones.

To request a team name change, you need to ask us by emailing us at, and you need to be either a Club administrator of the relevant club, or a Competition administrator controlling the competitions that team plays in. You will need to be specific about which teams you want to change, and, if the changes aren't minor, please contact clubs/leagues yourself in advance, to help speed things up for all.