I can't log in

The most common reasons for not being able to log in are:

- you've forgotten your password (click Forgotten password on the login page)

- you can't retrieve your password -  as you no longer have access to the email we hold for you - in which case email us at with your date of birth and any other personal details you know that we hold for you, so that we make sure you are who you say you are.

- you are certain that you have the correct details, but keep seeing 'Log in failed' - check that you have entered your password correctly - passwords are case-sensitive. If that fails, try relaxing your security settings - they may be set so high that logging in is impossible. Your browser must be allowed to create 'cookies'.

If, after all that, you still have problems, please try a different web browser on your PC (they may have different settings), or try accessing our site from a different PC altogether. This will help you understand whether the problem is with your own PC.

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