How do I enter a result, as a captain?

If your league has signed up for 'results entry shared with teams/clubs', and if your club has appointed you as a team captain:

- log into FixturesLive (if you tick the box to be remembered, you will not have to enter email + password etc. again)
- go to the Club Member area
- go to the Enter Results page - you will see your match listed there: enter your result.

Match not listed? Reasons:

1 The result has already been entered - results can be entered by either captain, or Club Administrators of either club, or the league administrator. Click on the 'Recent results' tab, as that will show you if the result has already been entered by someone else.
2 Your league has not signed up for the service - if so, contact your league directly with your result.
3 You are neither a team captain nor a Club Administrator, or you're not a club memberIf you are a team captain, get your Club Administrators to set you up. If you want to become a Club Administrator, see the article below.

Also note:

- you will receive a chase email two hours after the start time of the match (or at a time of the league's choice if no start time has been entered) chasing for the result - this will go to both captains
- results can be entered after the match day itself if you forget
- in the event of postponements, walkovers etc. the name and email address of the league administrator is displayed so that you can contact them direct.
- after you enter your result, you will be prompted to enter 'who played, who scored' etc. - this is subject to league settings/policy.
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